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Video animations, flyers, instagram posts etc. Long-standing partnership that brought so many amazing projects. Grateful for years of collaboration and creativity.


Summer mood flyers. Custom-designed flyers created to evoke the spirit of summer, capturing the essence of relaxation, adventure, and joy.

These flyers are carefully crafted to transport audience to a world of sun-kissed beaches, refreshing cocktails, and endless blue skies. Design with bright and cheerful colours, playful typography, and captivating visuals to create a sense of excitement and anticipation for the summer season.

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Sax's flyers combine eye-catching visuals, vibrant colors, and bold typography to create designs that demand attention and ignite anticipation. The layout is dynamic and energetic, featuring a combination of bold imagery, sleek lines, and creative compositions

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OnlyChats - AI app - Social Media design. Influensers transformed to AI

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Custom-designed flyers tailored to promote gin bar events, specials, overall experience of indulging in the world of gin bar. Each flyer is carefully designed to showcase key information such as the name and location of the gin bar, event details, special promotions or featured gin selections

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